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Penlac-Nail-Lacquer drug description and what Penlac-Nail-Lacquer is used to treat

Penlac Nail Lacquer is an effective drug that can treat onychomycosis but should be prescribed with caution to women planning to get pregnant within 6 months and women who are breastfeeding their babies.
Women planning to get pregnant during the course of Penlac Nail Lacquer treatment should discuss with her attending physician the possible effects of Penlac Nail Lacquer to the unborn baby. Although Penlac Nail Lacquer belongs to Pregnancy Category B, studies cannot totally rule out any potential harmful effects of this drug to the unborn baby since not enough studies were conducted to humans. Before prescribing Penlac Nail Lacquer, the potential benefit of the drug must outweigh any potential unfavourable effects to the unborn baby.

Before prescribing Penlac Nail Lacquer to a breastfeeding mother, the physician and the patient should discuss the possible effects of this drug to the patient’s baby. Studies conducted cannot determine if Penlac Nail Lacquer is being excreted in breast milk, but since almost all drugs are excreted in breast milk, there is also a possibility that Penlac Nail Lacquer can be excreted in breast milk and subsequently ingested by a breastfeeding baby. The physician and the patient should weigh everything first prior to starting with Penlac Nail Lacquer treatment since this drug may potentially be hazardous to a child’s health.

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